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2003 Glasair III Kit, Jumpstart ++

More complete than the factory Jumpstart kits


This page available for reference only

Click here to see early construction photo gallery

Professional work completed:

Fuselage to Jumpstart + extras
Horizontal Stab.
Canopies-Less Glass

  The standard aft fuselage bulkhead is installed perpendicular to the horizontal stabilizer putting the rudder belcrank at an angle to the rudder cables that run parallel to the aft belly panel. We made a graphite bulkhead with canted belcrank mount so the rudder cables pull square to the belcrank.

We built in adjustable rudder stops so you don't need to remove and file the belcrank arm for final adjustments after the rudder is installed.

  We modified the canopy locks to allow for a flush install. The canopies are complete minus the plexiglass bonding which is done when the aircraft is sitting on its gear during final assembly.

Wing work to Jumpstart + extras

     We've begun work on the wing. It's complete to the factory Jumpstart stage plus extra glass work and custom changes are completed.

Buy it now to make sure you get the options you want. Add an extra aft fuel bay per side. Buy a slotted flaps option and have us install it before the wing is closed. Install the auto-pilot roll servo of your choice.




  The aft fuel bay aileron control tube tunnel is custom made to minimize the chance of leaking and maximize capacity. This allows for an improved fuel ramp to the portion forward of the main spar and improved venting.

     We've changed the conduit from one 3/4" dia. tube per side to two 1/2" dia. tubes per side to get them to fit in the aft fuel bay control tunnels with the aileron control tubes.

The longer ones travel to the wing tips and the shorter ones travel to the outboard inspection holes where the pitot heads and autopilot roll servos are usually mounted.

The inboard ends of the conduit open into the co-pilot seatpan where the terminal strips or cannon plugs are usually located for connections to the fuselage.

Notice the Spar attach fittings are installed and the forward side of the attach hardware is sealed from the fuel cell.








     We've installed the main gear in the wing. The bearing housings and side brace belcranks are mounted to the wing structure. All the critical gear alignments are finished.

Time is running out to get this project while you can still choose the final options to install.


     Contact: Brian (206) 755-5058


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